$npm i -D @deepkit/type-compiler$npm i @mionkit/router$npm i @mionkit/http @mionkit/aws
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RPC like

RPC like architecture for simpler and easier to consume APIs. Just use remote methods as any other local async method.

Fully Typed Client

Fully typed client with static type checking, autocompletion, automatic validation and serialization.


Quick cold starts and a simple in-memory map for route lookup makes mion extremely fast.

Automatic Validation

mion uses @deepkit/type library that makes types available at runtime. This allows validation without any extra boilerplate required.

Automatic Serialization

Out of the box serialization of native objects like Date, Map or Class, etc. Any JS object can be directly serialized to JSON.

End To End Type Safety

You can easily refactor your API and changes will be safely picked by the client or validate data directly on the client.

Write Once Run Everywhere

Run mion type safe APIs in Node.js, Bun or Serverless platforms like Aws Lambda and Google cloud functions.